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September 01, 2002
Top Five
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1. Do the dishes before they start moving
Have you ever run across three-day-old hambuger helper in your sink? I have. Not pretty. Just do them, already.

2. kids make great slave labor
Make it like a game. Start out slow, with things like picking up the toys or drying the dishes, and tell them "one dish, five minutes of Power Turtles", or whatever. Susie will be tackling the windows all by herself in no time.

3. socks don't fit in the vacuum
Trust me.

4. your husband's old briefs are your friends
Old fruit-of-the-looms are really nifty dusters.

5. pick a black carpet
If you can. That way, the grape juice, spilled curry, and magic marker won't show.


I just want to state for the record that I no longer wear 'tightey-whiteys.' Ever since the day Jen first used the term, in fact. Ahem.

Posted by: Ryan at September 1, 2002 09:44 PM

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