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January 05, 2005
I am the askew police
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I had the most disturbing dream last night.

I am no stranger to bad dreams. I've had near-monthly horror-show type dreams in all of my pregnancies. I've had three really, really bad ones in my lifetime that I can remember to this day and recall in exact detail. The main thing about all of these nightmares, though, is that they're very surreal and bizarre. The most troubling aspect of my weirdo dreams is their nonsensicality. It makes me really examine what kind of loony I am to have such things in my head.

But this last one got right to the point.

I was being chased by a tiger.

Not a talking tiger. Not a tiger driving a car. Just a tiger. And it scared the crap out of me. It really disturbed me in a way that my dream about celebrity mock-crucifixions (don't laugh! It was scary!) didn't.

It was so, so vivid. I could see the thing's whiskers. I could hear that low-level semi-pissed-off grumble as he (she? it?) follwed me through an ironwood forest and into my house. The house in my dream looked just like a place I would live. And when I turned to lock my front door, confident I'd escaped from the beast, he ran through my back door and I swear, I think I kicked poor Ryan.

In the ear: the Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore and "A Man and a Woman" by U2

New Year's was fun. I dread it like the plague most years, but I decided to try not to grumble too much and I ended up feeling pretty happy. I made a pot of ozoni. And despite my disdain for fireworks, we even set off a few sparklers.

Still going to the gym. I have a long way to go still, but I really look forward to going. I'm only going alternating days and I find myself wishing I could go on my days off.

In my i-tunes shopping cart: a few songs from Heart's Christmas album

Katie started soccer today. Poor kid. It's not her fault she has the most uncoordinated mom in the world. She seems to be having a good time, though, which I can't say for my brief soccer experience as a kid.


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