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March 16, 2005
nobody likes a bipolar clown
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Zac was seen by his pediatrician in Monday. He thinks Zac needs more testing, as opposed to a visit by an ENT doctor. Eventually, they're going to find out whether his hearing loss is neurological in nature or structural. The doctor doesn't think it's genetic; neither dad nor grandma had any problems until nearly middle age and usually genetic problems appear much sooner than that.

I have to admit, though, his speech is starting to improve a great deal. He may not need any help at all.

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I am a happy girl. There is now a weekly farmer's market in my neighborhood. I love farmer's markets. Groceries in general are grossly overpriced here in Hawaii; produce even more so. So whenever I get a chance to snag a bag of carrots for a buck, I am there. And someone had kale seriously cheap this weekend when we went. I had never eaten or cooked with kale before. I had always heard how healthy it was, and it looked really nice, so I decided to try it. From the same lady, I bought giant Japanese green onions. And because I bought two items, she threw in two heads of Boston lettuce for free. She even had free recipes for kale soup and stir fry.

Lars Ulrich is a hypocrite. Have you heard about Beatallica? Well, Lars is intervening on the webmaster's behalf, according to Adam Curry. He's attempting to get Sony to clear Metallica's catalogue for their use. This is the same person who delivered a list of Napster users to Congress. So, it's okay for people to use his stuff when it drums up free publicity and album sales but it's eeeeviiiiil when people want to download his songs for their own personal enjoyment?

So I made the soup and fed it to the family. Katie inhaled it; Zac (predictably) turned up his nose; Ryan said it was great and ate the whole bowl. Everything was fine until about an hour later when he starting clutching his stomach and groaning. He said maybe he'd eaten too fast or too much, but when it was midnight and he was still groaning, I knew something was wrong. And I was convinced it was my food that had made him sick.

So life was not fun for about three days. The rest of us were a-ok. But poor Ryan was extremely uncomfortable and unhappy. Turned out, his boss came down with the same thing the next day. So it wasn't my cooking. I don't know. Every now and then I get paranoid, especially when it's the kids who are sick.

But here's the weird part. Back in February, only a day or two after my nephew's birthday party, I had some kind of weird food-poisoning-mimicking stomach thing. Only Zac and I were affected; everybody else was fine. Then Ryan got his stomach whatever the very same weekend of my niece's birthday party two weeks later.

in the ear: coverville

Katie is officially on her spring break. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. She gets incredibly bored very, very fast. I try to keep her engaged, but she needs way more social interaction than her brothers and I can provide. I have to find a summer camp for her or something. Now that her soccer season is over, we have a lot more free time than I'm entirely comfortable with. What am I going to do over the summer?


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