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September 01, 2005
I carried a watermelon
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Bebe is so dumb. She's the embodiment of the dumb blonde stereotype. There's a cute guy at her house and all she can think about is the frozen pizza in her fridge. You can't get her to talk to the guy even if you make her. She's got a little problem with social skills in general. But the worst part? She keeps burning her house down. She makes a pop-tart in her toaster oven but forgets to turn the thing off, and the next thing you know, the firemen are there. One time, she didn't have a phone, so she was really screwed then. Luckily, I just restarted the game.

I love my Sims.

Today, Bebe met Trevor. Trevor is a washed-up rock star. He lives with his brother, Nigel. So far, Trevor doesn't seem to like Bebe very much. He's hanging out at her place, and true to Bebe form, she's obsessed with food. She's nuking a TV dinner.

in the netflix queue: Ridicule

Alex's party was beautiful. I was terrified that it was going to rain. Not only was it clear and bright, but the trade wind gods smiled on us, too. It was breezy and warm and just perfect. And everybody showed up. Perfect.

The day before that we went to the bi-annual beach picnic thrown by Ryan's work. It was on the windward side, just outside of Waimanalo, and I love going to the beach out there. No beach in town holds a candle to anything out on that side, and the bank picnic is always held at a place called Shriner's Beach. It's one of my favorite places in the whole state.

I am so looking forward to Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash movie.

The kids started their four-day weekend today. It's surprising, how much I miss them and how much I look forward to their days off. It's great to spend all day with Alex, just cuddling and admiring him, but I miss Katie and Zac so much that I think I have to find fabulously fun things to do every free second they have. So I actually drove into town and took them to the Children's Discovery Center. I promised Katie I'd buy her shoes today, too, but I was way too wiped after our adventure. Maybe tomorrow.


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