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October 14, 2005
she's touring the facility and picking up slack
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I've actually written three entries, but I don't like any of them. They're boring. But I haven't written in about a month. I really feel I need to write something or it'll be another six months before you hear from me again.

I'm going to give you three anecdotes. You have to decide which one is true:

1. I was once mistaken for Sophia Loren in Food Lion supermarket and asked for an autograph.

2. I may or may not have seen Alton Brown riding a bicycle on the corner of Wilder and Keeaumoku. It was either Alton or his twin. He shot an episode of Good Eats here and it's entirely possible he rode a bicycle all the way from Waikiki to Manoa. Isn't it?

3. A friend of a friend of a friend went out with Edward Norton once.

What is up with i-tunes? I can't get my podcasts and even browsing is a pain in the ass.

They're fumigating all the units on our street. We have to stay somewhere in town for one night. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't doing it on a Monday. Somehow, I have to get the kids to school, find something to do on this side of the island for five hours, pick up the kids, drive into town, check in, and do it again in the morning.

And I don't mind. If they have to do it, they have to. It's a bit of an inconvenience having to schlep to a hotel on a weeknight, but whatever. For the last two months, though, my neighbors have been renovating. Day after day after day of noise and stink and strange people milling around my driveway and much too much salsa music. The whole thing makes me really wish we had our own place.

But the weekend after that, we go to Hilo! Woohoo!


Hey, you gonna call me when you get here????

Posted by: Pam at October 18, 2005 11:18 AM

Aloha Jenn! I love the pics. The colors enhances it. Especially the one of Zac. Intersting.

Take care,


Posted by: Lynn Vasquez at October 21, 2005 12:12 AM

i used to work with a guy who was a dead ringer for alton brown. he rode a moped, though.

Posted by: kreeesty at November 2, 2005 12:10 PM

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