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November 08, 2005
You just lost your brain privileges
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It's November 7 and our Christmas shopping is done.

I think it's some kind of miracle.

I am a firm believer in waiting until December. This philosophy has caused me no end of grief and I wonder every single year why I choose to embark on such a futile mission as last-minute Christmas shopping. But this year, the fates aligned to allow Ryan his birthday holiday on a weekday when the kids weren't around and we had no other pressing plans. So we drove on down to Toys R Way Way Overpriced and found it practically empty. We were done in just over an hour. Now I just have to hustle to get stuff for assorted adult relatives and lo and behold, I just might be done before Thanksgiving.

on the tube: Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

So now the exterminators have cancelled on us twice.

it's been five days since I started this entry

They now want us out the Monday after Thanksgiving. Why are they assuming that none of my fellow townhousers are going anywhere for the holiday? As far as I know, no one is, but what if they were? I still have yet to make hotel reservations (for the third time) because I just don't have any clue if they're going to show up this time. I called them when my neighbor came over to tell me that they were not, in fact, going to show up on Friday morning, just to confirm that someone wasn't yanking my chain and the person on the other end had the nerve to act like I was annoying him.

Sean Na'auao's new CD is kick-ass.

I'm going to transfer Katie to Zac's school next year. I was really hesitant to do so, but after talking with my neighbors, I think it might be a good move. I was never satisfied with her current school and both the principal and vice principal went and quit on the same day last quarter. My neighbor Cecily has sent both her boys to Zac's school and she is positively in love with it.


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