Here are some (terribly outdated) pictures of me. I might be a Leo, but I hate cameras.

Can you believe it's been more than three years since this page was updated? It's like I've been pregnant forever! Fortunately, I show up now and then on the pictures page at my daughter Katie's website, or in my husband's photo gallery.

This photo was taken March 27, 2000 at Magic Island off Ala Moana Park (42k). The pictures only get older from here.

Here are some glamour shots I had made over the summer of 1997. Though I didn't know it at the time, I was pregnant when these pictures were taken.

jen1.jpg jen2.jpg jen3.jpg
408 x 554
408 x 505
408 x 505

Here are some older pictures. These are updated periodically at the whim of my digicam-mad husband. They are not archived online because of space constraints, so save the ones you like!

Me on the beach in Waikiki, one block from our apartment. Diamond Head is in the background. I'm nine months pregnant, but lots of people say I don't look it. Taken Tuesday, Jan. 7, 1998 (59k).

Me in front of a shaka-waving Santa in front of Honolulu Hale. I'm about eight months pregnant. Taken Tuesday, Dec. 9, 1997, during the annual Honolulu City Lights festivities (83k).

Me at Sandy Beach, after spending the day at Waimanalo Beach Park. I'm about seven months pregnant. Taken Sunday, Nov. 23, 1997 (83k).

Me at work at Tower Records at Kahala Mall. Taken Saturday, Oct. 4, 1997 (66k).

More to come, including pictures of some of my friends and favorite places here in Hawai`i.

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