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Knockaround Guys
Posted to Movies at 06:10 PM on Aug 6, 2003

Vin Diesel in a tight tank top. If you're into that sort of thing.

Vin plays a half-Jewish thug. How do we know he's Jewish? He has a big Star of David tattoo on his (huge, beefy) bicep and he uses a Yiddish word. Yep, that's how much character development this movie has. Vin isn't allowed into the mafia, presumably because of the Jewish thing and he joins forces with other mafia rejects to recover some dirty lucre. Scott Evil (Seth Green) is one of them. His character is not totally unlike Scott.

John Malkovich is in this movie too. His part has to have been written for Christopher Walken, though. Every line John utters, you can hear in that creepy, menacing Walken voice. Walken should have been in this movie. He would have been perfect. I'm used to seeing Malkovich as the sniveling, effeminate villain so he doesn't really work as a thug.


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