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America's Test Kitchen
Posted to Teevee at 08:57 PM on Aug 31, 2003

Someone needs to do something about the photography on this show.

It's a problem when you have a "good" version of a dish on your show and a "bad" version and viewers can't tell which is which. The food is probably kick-ass, but you'd never know, because the lighting, frankly, sucks and every food sample looks absolutely grody.

The host of this show, Christopher Kimball, is almost as cool as Alton Brown. And I love Alton Brown. He has the same methodical, scientific apporoach as Alton. But Alton is a filmmaker and backs up his knowledge with great presentation.

Chris and his co-host, Bridget, are totally doing it.

America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated airs on PBS


You were quoted on Slate! (regarding your post about America's Test Kitchen) http://slate.msn.com/id/2089461/#ContinueArticle The relevant text: The net effect of the science-class aesthetic is to separate the sensual pleasure of eating—its aromas, flavors, and textures—from ostentation altogether. Which is why ATK, in its own sweet way, is a sexier show than even Nigella's, for asserting that gastronomic pleasure is essentially a private pleasure. It's the difference between an old married couple with a gleam in their eyes, and Ashton and Demi. (And in fact, Chris Kimball and his co-host Bridget Lancaster, flirt in the most peculiarly surreptitious ways. "Chris and his co-host, Bridget, are totally doing it," asserts one of the show's blogging fans.)
Posted by Burton at October 15, 2003 10:12 PM

I don't know if that hot minx Bridget Lancaster and Christopher Kimball are doing it or not. But I do know that Kimball is a really nice guy. I met him about a month ago at The Arlene's Film Festival in Manhattan, on the lower east side. He was there with his publicist. He said they were in town promoting their new cookbook, and while he was here, he wanted to check out some stuff in the city. Screening were two movies starring Saturday Nite Live alumni, and a movie called "Waiting For Eugene" by Robert Segarra. This last movie was the best of the three, and Christopher Kimball laughed at the appropriate places and was serious at the right spots as well. So I could tell he was really into it. I didn't get to see that little Bridget Lancaster, I guess she didn't come to NYC this time. She's my idol. I like to cook too!
Posted by Alexia at June 20, 2004 12:45 PM

Pay closer attention. Chris has moved on to Julia. Who can blame him?
Posted by Rockdawg at July 13, 2005 4:14 PM

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