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Starsky and Hutch
Posted to Movies at 10:14 PM on Sep 30, 2004

There comes a point in every Ben Stiller film when you just want to disappear under a rock.

He specializes in playing people who find themselves in situations that are each more embarrassing than the last. And he's really good at making you feel his humiliation. So sometimes, his movies are really hard to watch.

Starsky is probably Stiller's least embarrassing role. Starsky is a bit of a brown-noser, both in the movie and in the TV show. He is the perfect foil for Owen Wilson's Hutch. Owen Wilson's schtick is dumb, slick guys who get the girls. If you like him in one movie, chances are, you'll like him in every movie.

Starsky and Hutch is about half an hour too long. It takes a marginally funny concept and stretches it waaaaaaay out. Will Ferrell makes a cameo. I am maybe one of three people on Earth who really doesn't find Ferrell all that funny.

The casting of Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear is pure genius, though.


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