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ten hours of my life I'll never get back
Posted to Movies at 12:10 PM on Mar 30, 2005

or, the most disappointing movies of 2004.

  1. The Chronicles of Riddick-It's not exactly a secret that I kind of have a thing for Vin Diesel. It was a given that I would see this no matter what. I loved Pitch Black so, so much and I couldn't wait for this. To be fair, though, I've heard that there was quite a bit cut out of the cinematic release, so maybe it's actually not bad viewed in its entirety. Not sure if I want to spend two more hours in attempt to find out, though.
  2. The Terminal-I hate Steven Spielberg. What could have been a smart, wry commentary on modern travel is a It's a Wonderful Life-inspired piece of baby poop. Get rid of Catherine Zeta-Jones' character, susbstitute Tony Shalhoub for Tom Hanks and it's slightly more interesting than Moby Dick.
  3. Shark Tale-Eh. I wrote a review of this already. Waste of time. Stars Will Smith. Or is that redundant?
  4. I, Robot-Stars Will Smith. There you go. Also, there's a female robot in a supporting role. Oh no wait--that's just Bridget Moynahan.
  5. Spider Man 2-Superhero action flick or dramatic character study. Pick one and stick with it.


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