May 07, 2011
5/7/11-Glee Finishes Filming
Well, it's done. The Glee cast has tweeted that they have finished filming. Thank goodness that there is 3 more episodes left.... until May 24th. Ironically, that's my last day of school, & the day that the last HP trailer ever will be released, as well as the Glee Volume 6 album. Just to warn you guys, i'm gonna be bursting out in song for the next 2 weeks....
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Mother's Day!
So, before I completely forget, i'd like to say a Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother & grandmothers. Thank you for bearing with me for the past 13 years!
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April 25, 2011
R.I.P Ryan Suenaga
I don't even remember the first time I met him. All I know is that when I first joined Twitter, (3 years ago), he was one of the first to follow me. I knew him even before that. I remember that during a meet-up, when he walked in and asked "Do you remember me?" , I said "You're the dude with the weird shorts!" Thats how I remembered him for the next couple years until my brain could actually remember names. No matter what though, I do know that i'll still be expecting a witty tweet or two from him, & him to walk in & show off his shorts during a tweetup. Bye Uncle Ryan. We'll miss you. A lot.
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April 18, 2011
Hi guys! Believe it or not, i'm thinking of somehow turning this into a Glee fan blog. Either that, or just getting a new one altogether. Just thought you should know. Anyway, i'm going back to school tomorrow, so you might have to wait another 2 months....
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Camp Erdman 2010 (Part 3 of 3)
I got more sleep this time, but only because my friends were all gossiped out. :) I was excited. I love obstacle courses! I'm also afraid of heights. When I said it was 50 ft high, I wasn't kidding. Luckily, I ended up with 2 of my friends on my team. When I first saw the Oddessey, I thought "This'll be FUN!". Oh how wrong I was. When I got on the top level of the Oddessey, (Yes, there are 2 levels. Both are very high.) I nearly passed out (again) when I looked down. I spent the whole time squealing with fear while doing the whole course, including the Zipline. (Yes, there was a Zipline.) After that & lunch, we got to play games. Not regular ones, though. Really crazy ones, involving Golf balls. :) After that, we went home & continued Winter Break.
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Camp Erdman 2010 (Part 2 of 3)
I only got 4 hours of sleep. Don't blame me. My cabin-mates insisted on playing Gossip, so I was ready to get going 2 hours before we actually had to leave. Yes, we actually had to hike. For 6 miles total. With only 1 bottle of water. :( At first, I thought it would be easy because it's just a flat road, & I thought it was going to be super easy. (Note: The road had potholes filled with mud a little further down the road). I ended up dehydrated & nearly passed out. Mainly because of what happened after we reached the beach. (With Seals!) When we were hiking back, I accidently stepped in a pile of VERY thick mud. Don't ask how I got out. :P I will tell you that I nearly passed out of dehydration, though. My friends made sure I didn't though. :) Believe it or not, the hike took up the whole day until dinner. (IKR?) After dinner, (Can't remember what it was, but I know I had Kitchen Patrol) we actually got to hold a dance party. (Yes, i'm serious). But Rachel & I refused to dance. We practically spent the whole time chatting with our friends Preston, Matthew & Lance. I was excited because of what was going on the next day. I was getting to go on the Oddessey, which is a 50 ft high obstacle course. (No, i'm not joking). I had no idea about the 50 ft part though....
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April 16, 2011
2011 Recap!
Hey everyone! I regret having to repeat this, but sorry about being lazy. I'm trying to ensure I'm not flunking 7th Grade. (I'm not.) Anyway, since 1/1/11, I have.... -Become a (HUGE) Glee fan -Turned 13 years old -Become a (Also huge) Chris Colfer fan. (On Glee. Don't ask.) -Returned to Camp Erdman for the 6th time. -Ended Term 5/6 of school. (I can just smell summer vacation....) -Got 2 cats after Charlie's death. Welcome to Ana & Eko! -Gotten a new FaceBook account. (Company found out I wasn't 13 at the time). -Found out I was going to be going to COMIC-CON! (Catch: 1 week after 8th Grade starts. Bad timing.) Sorry about the discontinued stories. Will finish when less tired. I got dad's Geek Meet tomorrow. Gonna need all the rest I can possibly get! Love, your crazy Gleek in paradise. :)
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February 20, 2011
Camp Erdman 2010 (Part 1 of 3)
On the morning of December 15, 2010, all 3 tracks would reunite, but only for an hour. Laulima & Malama were on track, Kupono was on break. At the Cafeteria, it was noiser than usual. Some kids were even equipped with..... SUITCASES? K7 was headed to Camp Erdman. By the time I was there, the Courtyard was already occupied by 50-something of my classmates. Half an hour later, 4 buses were filled with 102 students, & 6 teachers. 8 students weren't going, & 2 teachers were staying behind. I wasn't really paying attention to what were were passing on our way, because I ended up falling asleep. What I did see, were the iconic yellow cabins. I ran into my friends as I got off the bus. Me: How was your break? Them: BORING! Glad I wasn't the only one. We all missed each other. It was crazy when we got in the pavilion, seeing as the camp counselors started a dance party there. Classmates: Go & dance! Us: Oy........... . Once they all got it out of their systems, they went over the basic rules, then, we got to see our cabins. I find it that it's my luck's fault that we got the smallest cabin. The others had themes. 1 was Birds, 1 was oceans, etc. I didn't even ask. We played games all day after that. Not your basic camp games, though. Most of them involved blindfolds. Don't ask how that went. After that, was dinner. May I say, BEST-PIZZA-EVER! After that was campfire. I don't know why they call it a campfire, if it's the size of a bonfire big enough to roast a human. Most of it is a blur. I do remember that we sung campfire songs meant for 8 year olds though. :) Then we got to chill & eat Saimin, where I finally got to take a group picture (Which I now have in my room) of Rachel, Preston, Lance, & Matthew. Finally we got to go to our cabins. & WE didn't even sleep for 4 hours after that. (Not my idea! I just wanted to curl up in bed.) The last thing I remember doing then was reading the schedule. Hiking? That can't be THAT bad right? Wrong! But I didn't know that then....
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February 19, 2011
Welcome to 2011!
Sorry everyone, I was busy with school and all. Anyway, UPDATES! 1. It is now February 2011, baby! XD 2. I turned 13 on January 26! WOOT! 3. I started watching Glee! I'm a Gleek & a Kurtsie now! (Glee fan & Kurt fan) 4. OFFICIAL: I'm going to Comic - Con 2011! It'll be my first time in the Mainland since I was 3! 5. Term 5 of school starts in less than a week. :) 6. I went to the Big Island on New Year's 2011! It was AWESOME! XD 7. I have a new Facebook page! (Personal) 8. Camp Erdman with school, ALSO AWESOME! (For the most part. :P) Sorry for the long wait folks! :)
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July 24, 2010
Day 2,3, & 4
Okay, i'll admit that I got lazy over the past 3 days, but i'm back to tell about it all. Day 2: Went to school, Did Homework etc. Last day of the week I had to do homework. Skipped school on Friday. Day 3: Went Bowling with my Friends Nathan, Noah & Joshua, with their mom & Cousins. Learned to always use Bumpers. ;) Day 4: Girl's Day Out! Hung out at the local Shopping Center, then the Pool with my Friend Jade, her mom, & her other 2 friends (Of whose names, I can only remember that their names start wit K at the moment). Today, who knows?!? I only know that I'm going to Jade's Church with her as a substitute, & that my parents are finally coming home!
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