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June 03, 2006
hau'oli la hanau
Today was my birthday. I'm four. We had a party at Chuck E. Cheese. I had a blast, playing all the games and eating pizza.

Afterward, Mom and Dad took me to Hanai a Bear and I adopted my very own puppy. Mom suggested a name like Hoku or Lucky, but I knew just what I wanted to call him: Freedom. We brought Freedom home and I rode in my jeep down the driveway, and then we opened presents. Mom and Dad think I will like all the new Thomas the Tank Engine toys they bought me. Nana sent me some, too, so I will have a nice little collection.

School is almost over for me. My first year went by so fast. My teachers tell Mom that I am ahead of the curve in math and that I'm doing surprisingly well. I like school.
Posted by Jen at 10:12 PM

March 22, 2006
still growing
I am so full of beans! I am the funniest comedian in the world. Some days, I'm a rock star. Mom and Dad say I'm a natural performer.

I know all my numbers. I'm learning letters at school, but the whole numbers thing? A breeze. I can tell mom all about my day. And she says I have good memory.

I got very tall, very fast. I have really good conversations with Daddy sometimes.

And I drive Katie nuts! But I sure do love my baby brother, Alex.

But whatever you do, don't call me "Zac". Or "guy" or "dude" or "little man". My name is Zachary! And don't forget it!
Posted by Jen at 09:51 AM

August 30, 2005
big boy
I go to school! I love it. I'll tell you, when the bus picked me up on the first day, I was not happy. But the bus took me to a fun place with toys and songs, and I fell in love. Now, I can't wait to get on the bus!
Posted by Jen at 10:25 AM

June 24, 2005
So mama says I'm going to be going to school soon. I'm glad. I've learned a lot, but I can always learn a lot more.

Mom says I mimic people. Sometimes she says I act just like my sister, Katie. I'm starting to use full sentences all the time, and I can even juump with both feet now. I'm starting to pretend to know the alphabet. I'll have no problem learning it for real.
Posted by Jen at 03:18 PM

June 03, 2005
Today is my third birthday. Yippee! I'm going to have a party. I can't wait. I like to play with the toy farm my Nana got me.
Posted by Jen at 09:21 AM

March 23, 2005
I can sing the alphabet song! I learned it from Mom, but also my favorite show, "Sesame Street". Oh, and another thing I learned from Mom: "Now!". As in, "Wanna drink! Now!". It doesn't work as well as the word "please", though.

Just like my sister, I love to sing. My favorite song is the alphabet song, but I sing it LOUD, like an opera singer. I have an amazing voice.
Posted by Jen at 11:26 AM

March 01, 2005
Now Hear This
Dad finally gets around to posting two audio clips of me that he made when I was one year old. Which he only discovered after making a new recording today. Check them out!
Posted by Ryan at 06:08 PM

February 06, 2005
That growing thing I mentioned last year? Yep, I'm still at it. I'm too full of energy to sit still for a second, let alone report on my activities on a regular basis.

I love playing with my sister Katie. I can almost run as fast as she can, already, and she does a lot of running, at least when I'm in a chasing mood. I talk a lot more now (and can count sometimes, too), and while mom and dad still struggle to translate my words, I get my meanings across... and how!

I love to ride my tricycle around the block with dad. I tell grandma I love her and kiss her on the cheek every night before bed. I like to go to the store, even when there's nothing to get. I still play with my big box of Matchbox cars, but Katie's Barbie dolls are pretty interesting too.
Posted by Ryan at 11:01 PM

February 15, 2004
Yeah, it's been a while since I've checked in. I've been busy growing! I still dance, and talk on my toy phone, and climb onto anything I can get my strong little hands on. I can say "Bye!" and wave, and eat with a fork, and almost drink out of a cup. I love to play with my sister, too.

I'm told I'm about to become a "middle child," and I'm not quite sure what I think about it all. I do know it means I'm getting weaned, and I'm not a big fan of that, let me tell you.
Posted by Ryan at 07:28 PM

June 27, 2003
So one day I stood up on my feet, and I didn't wobble. And then, I moved my feet. Then Mama and Dad said I was walking. Whooppee! I like walking. It's much easier to get around. And now, I'm one! Mom and Dad had lots of people over and we ate and played games. We had all kinds of cool race car decorations.
Posted by Jen at 09:19 PM

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