June 03, 2006:

I love tomatoes! It's my favorite thing. I can smell a tomato at fifty paces and I can practically go in the fridge and get them myself. Yessiree, I love food.

I am beginning to share my brother's affinity for cars. Now that we have a great big backyard, me and Zac can drive our ride-on cars for hours. Sometimes I want the cars he has, and I think he should hand them over right away. I can shrrreeeeeiiik like a little girl if he doesn't.

I love to walk, too. I can walk all the way to Katie and Zac's school, with Mommy's help, of course. In fact, if someone says the word "walk", I can go get my shoes and bring them to the closest person. I could walk all day.
Posted by Jen at June 03, 2006 10:21 PM

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