June 03, 2006
I love tomatoes! It's my favorite thing. I can smell a tomato at fifty paces and I can practically go in the fridge and get them myself. Yessiree, I love food.

I am beginning to share my brother's affinity for cars. Now that we have a great big backyard, me and Zac can drive our ride-on cars for hours. Sometimes I want the cars he has, and I think he should hand them over right away. I can shrrreeeeeiiik like a little girl if he doesn't.

I love to walk, too. I can walk all the way to Katie and Zac's school, with Mommy's help, of course. In fact, if someone says the word "walk", I can go get my shoes and bring them to the closest person. I could walk all day.
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March 22, 2006
I can say lots of things! I can name all the members of my family! I'm very good at saying "Grandma" and "Daddy", and I'm working on my siblings' names. I can say "thirsty". Mama thinks it's important to say "please", so I can say that, if she makes me. I can point to all my body parts on command, too, and I can shake my head "yes" and "no"

But by far, my new favorite word? "Mine!".
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August 30, 2005
I can shake my head no. When Mom holds a forkful of something up to my face, if I'm not interested, I can shake my head and she knows to take it away.

Also, I wave and say "hi"! Zac's bus driver loves me because I greet him every afternoon with a big wave. I love people's smiles!
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June 24, 2005
I love to stand up and hold onto furniture as I try to walk. I have to keep up with Katie and Zac, you know. So I'm going to get this "walking" business down as soon as I can.

I have one and a half front teeth. Mommy calls me "Toothy McBabyface". I love it! I have quite the sense of humor. Zac makes me laugh most often.
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June 04, 2005
pearly white
I've got a tooth! Boy, did that happen fast. It's on my right top front. Before long, I'll have a great smile like my sister and brother. And I'm scooting around with my hands like there's no tomorrow. I'm changing fast!
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April 05, 2005
Ma ma ma ba ba! I can talk! You know, I like to put my hand up to Mommy's mouth when she talks, and now I'm trying to copy her. She looked so proud. I should try to learn some words.
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February 06, 2005
Could it have taken my dad any longer to set up my website? I mean, really! I was beginning to think I'd graduate from college before I could blog. I'm already five months old. Y'all missed out on some great stuff, I tell you what.

Okay, where were we? Well, I'm teething, for one. It sucks. I do, too, as a result. A lot of sucking, that is. I gnaw and drool and shriek when it gets to be too much. For all the trouble it's causing, this first tooth better be tiger-sized and solid gold.

I'm getting the hang of rolling, though only one-way for now. Put something against my feet, and I can scoot a few inches along the ground. I can sit up (aided largely by my large thighs), but I still topple if I get too excited. My favorite thing to do is to gaze up at mommy and smile. I swear, she eats that stuff up.

My big brother, Zac, likes me, I think, but his habit of licking my ears can get old quick. Katie's a total hoot, and can make me laugh every time.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll be able to report again before I start kindergarten...
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