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May 15, 2002
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I'm 1 centimeter dilated. Or so says my doc.

The contractions are getting kind of strong, too. But it's 2 weeks early. I wanted it to happen fast; but this is going a little faster than I'd hoped.

Truth is, I'm not ready yet. I have to wash his new clothes; I have to set up his half of the dresser in K's room; I have to pull baby-type toys out and set them aside.

How can it be so early? Maybe I just told Doc the wrong day when he asked me about my last period.

Twenty minutes. They're 20 minutes apart.


Earlier this week, I was so desperate to jump start the process and just have it done with already and now I realize I was stupid. I still need some time.

I'm just glad Ryan is back. He was gone for ten days and it seemed like much, much more than that. i lived in dread of going into labor while he was gone.


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Posted by: Ryan at July 12, 2002 02:43 AM

This is a test too! What do two separate comments look like, when finally formatted? Frankly, I can't wait to see!

Posted by: Ryan at July 12, 2002 02:45 AM

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