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May 20, 2002
sounds like rock and/or roll
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This kid can't make up his mind.

I thought he wanted out the other night. Then, last night, we had to go to the hospital becuase I was convinced he was about to make his entrance. No dice. Boy, did I feel stupid. They even gave me a sheet that said "here's when you know you're in labor, dumbass" with all the symptoms on it, just in case I was confused or something. So we came home, 4:30 am, no baby in tow.

At least I have time to finish getting ready. I cleared out half of Katie's dresser. Ryan said, as we were leaving for the baby expo on Saturday, "We have to get more furniture, huh?". That would be nice, but I have no clue where we would put it.

I was so hoping I would go into labor at the baby expo. Once a year, they have this thing with all the vendors in town who have kid-related products or services. The aisles are nice and extra-wide to accomodate strollers. As it turns out, no amount of stroller space was going to accomodate the crowd that was there on Saturday, but I thought it would be terribly fitting for my water to break there.


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