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September 12, 2002
Back off man. I'm a scientist.
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Welcome to Jen's Celebrity Crush Confessional.

I have had quite a few. Simon Le Bon. Bruce McCulloch. Russell Crowe. And for the past six months, Olympic gold medallist Apolo Anton Ohno.

I have done really stupid things in the name of my crushes. One time, I made my mom buy me Seven and the Ragged Tiger even though I knew they had just bought a new car and couldn't really afford it.

I thought the age of hormone-induced spending was over for me. It was, until they started talking about this book on one of the bulletin boards I read. "Gorgeous pictures", they said. "His favorite color is black!", they squealed. I had to have it.

You know where this is going, right? I was temporarily twelve again, so I bought it. With Ryan's Visa check card. While he was asleep.

But wait. It gets better.

So I got the confirmation e mail and started watching the mail. I ordered on a Sunday, so I figured it would get here on Friday. I'd get the mail, stash it, and Ryan would never know.

But it didn't come on Friday. Panic. How would I check the mail, open the thing, and hide it ("hide" is a good word. I was already so embarrassed and ashamed I'm sure Ryan already knew something was going on even before we got home from his Mom's) if he was home?

I was so busted.

He was going back out to a fundraiser thing for his friend who's running for state senate. But he wanted to check the mail before he left. "Never mind," I said. "I'll get it later."


"It's not important."

"What are you up to?"


He knew.

It's already almost Halloween. My neighbor, Nicole, isn't crazy about Halloween as an institution, so she's thinking of having a harvest festival party instead. I would join her, but Katie is so looking forward to it. She wants to be a ghost. Earlier on, I had visions of us as a family of vegetables. I was thinking of a costume I saw in a magazine once. It was a pea pod, designed for an infant. I was telling my mother-in-law about it and Katie chimed in, saying "I want to be a tomato." But there's only six weeks left, and I doubt I can pull it off.


For Halloween stuff, Price Busters is a good place to go. Best prices on Halloween stuff. The one by stadium K-Mart is huge and they're already starting to get all their Halloween stuff out. Not to mention, they have a lot of other stuff at good prices too.

Posted by: jeep at September 13, 2002 10:06 AM

Simon LeBon. Who knew? Jen, we have so much in common. (You should've seen the comments that popped up in my now deceased blog when I mentioned, just mentioned Apolo. Oy.) Anyhoo, the directions and materials for this tomato costume look pretty simple. Not sure how difficult a peapod would be, though. Hmm.

Posted by: Dreama at September 18, 2002 11:31 AM

Dreama, I saw your blog when you mentioned him. Scary.

Actually, I fib. I liked John more than Simon.

Posted by: Jen at September 18, 2002 11:36 AM

I could never pick between John and Simon back in the day. Now I'm just googly over Nick, for reasons I still cannot quite puzzle out. Someone said that a woman of my advanced years (haha!) should be over crushing but I just can't help it!

Posted by: Dreama at September 19, 2002 02:39 PM

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