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September 22, 2002
I won't be back for ten minutes
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This exchange occurred today between me and a 4-year old:

Kid: So, what's your name?
Me: I'm Katie's mom.
Kid: But what's your name?
Me: Katie's Mom.
Kid: No, what's your name?
Me: (looking toward my husband, who was smirking at me. Deciding if I should just let the kid address me like a friend, since I'm not her aunt or anything) I'm Jennifer.
Kid: Jennifer, watch me climb on the monkey bars.

on the tube: returns from the primary election. Lacene is running unopposed, so that's good, but she may be in serious trouble come general election time.

And the kid called me Jennifer not just once, but anytime she wanted me to watch her climb or swing on the bars. Turns out she is home-schooled. I should have picked that up right away, because I have never heard a 4-year-old talk like her. She was way more articulate than Katie, and definitely had more self-confidence, and I again pondered the idea of home-schooling Katie (for about half a second).

I've discovered, oddly enough, that I like hip-hop music. It makes perfect house-cleaning background noise and some of it is actually kind of compelling. But I cannot stomach hip-hop videos. With very few exceptions, the videos, in my opinion, are horribly sexist at worst and boring and cliched at best. Really, how do they find so many half-naked girls? Is it really necessary? The only bimbo-free videos are ones by female artists.

We've decided to go ahead and have Zac baptized. It happens the day before his surgery, in fact. Having arranged it, I certainly do feel more in control. I have serious issues with the church, but just the act of doing something like this or saying grace brings me a feeling of well-being. I think it freaks Ryan out sometimes, though.


Gotta love homeschooling. However, I will vouch for all of my siblings *and* children: strangers were always Mr. and Mrs. whoever. At the very least, they were Mrs. First Name, even though my mom (and I) hate that. My daughter would've been yelling "Hey Mrs. Jennifer watch me!" Heh.

Posted by: Dreama at September 23, 2002 01:26 PM

At least you're not a teacher whose 130 students are convinced your name is "Aunty."

Posted by: kreeesty at September 23, 2002 11:39 PM

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