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October 25, 2002
It's a felony to tease the order box
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Sometimes I can't believe what I'm becoming. I think I'm turning into one of those unbalanced mothers you see on the news who listen to Prince records and freak out and alert the media and make my local Wal-Mart stop selling the Prince records (even though my kids can go buy said Prince record elsewhere).

I thought I was keeping a fairly level head until we went to McDonalds and got a load of the new Happy Meal toy du jour. The toys this week are some kind of violent scary alien-thing that don't seem to be tied into anything in particular, but I let Katie have one; kind of a blue guy with a bobbly head who didn't seem particularly threatening.

We went back a few days later and they were still giving out the alien things (does anyone know what I'm talking about?) and this time, Katie got one, I swear, it looked like the devil. Don't laugh. It was black and holding a gun and had such a creepy face. I decided to throw it away, but I had to get it away from katie first.

me: Katie, that's not a very nice toy. Why don't we find someone to give this to?

Katie: No! It's mine!

me: Please?

Katie: No! Don't take my toy away! It hurts my feelings.

me: (rummaging through my bag) Look! Zac's rattle!

Katie: (smiling) Oh! Cool! Wanna play with Zac! (shaking rattle at her sleeping brother)

So I threw the thing away. Ryan laughed at me. Then we went into a card shop at the mall that had some Star Wars Christmas ornaments on display and I wondered who in the world would want to buy a Darth Vader ornament. Maybe the same people who would want a scary, evil happy meal toy.


I'm certainly not a parent, but lately I've been going through something similar.. random stuff like flipping through VH-1 and watching 80s videos I never saw because we didn't have cable growing up, and being shocked that a particular song (most of them it seems) was about sex.. all the sex and violence on TV in general has made me swear I'll throw out the TV before I let my future children watch it.

I really wonder if most kids are half as clueless as I was, or if they're getting it.

Posted by: lisa at October 27, 2002 03:55 PM

I am a mother and want to protest world wide about the media selling sex to our children! The more people who stand up to protect them...maybe something will be done to stop the nudity of females in the media world wide. Do something today!!
I am!

Posted by: Amie at April 20, 2003 04:03 PM

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