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April 21, 2003
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I'm attempting to download an episode of The Tick (the cartoon, not the live action). It's gonna take at least three more hours and I am so tired I can't imagine staying up even one more hour. I had a ton of things I had to do today; I had to get Katie to school; I had to go to an appointment, and then I was supposed to hang around long enough to let in the guy who was supposed to clean our carpet today. He ended up not showing, so I picked Katie up and tried to get a hold of my parents at their hotel. They're here for another week. I have a weird way of scheduling errands when I have company in town.

This trip is a little strange. My dad is here. He hadn't been here since Katie's first birthday. Dad is pretty much stone deaf. It's sometimes very, very hard to communicate with him. He also has lots of knee and back problems and hurts a lot of the time. So he's kind of cranky. He's on a vacation and he's so cranky it's like being with a large toddler. I love him, and I'm grateful he's here, but I want him to be comfortable, which is a tall order, given that he's 5000 miles away from his La-Z-Boy. And he drives my poor mom nuts. She has to repeat everything she says at least twice.

god, how creepy is that Mr. Personality show? Gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies

We'll see how it goes back at their place in Florida. Part of the reason for my chronic homesickness is that Katie adores my mom; she wants to talk to her every day and my folks love the kids just as much. I want Katie and Zac to know them, at least a little.

And I have a splitting headache. Good night.


Ooooh! The Tick was my favorite cartoon!

Hope the rest of the week with your folks went well!

Posted by: ali at April 26, 2003 02:01 PM

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