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June 01, 2003
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I'm back.

Relatively easy trip back. Grumpy old man in front of us, but other than that, it went fine. On the last day, my mom took us to this kids' museum-type place called Wonder Works and then we ate at Race Rock, a sort of racing-theme restaurant.

Maybe I've finally learned that travel is a bigger drag than it's worth. Every single time, after I'm home, I say to myself, "I'll never do that again" and then I get homesick a couple years later. And being there in Florida is surreal. I've covered that about a hundred times, but it is. It's a big, hot, flat swamp full of rednecks. I keep forgetting that.

I'm working on an entry for this webring. It's taken me a couple months so far, but I'm coming along slowly. The main problem is coming up with 100 interesting things about me that I haven't talked about yet so far here. I'll put it up when it's finished.

I love how the Asian guys in commercials don't even have embarrassing accents anymore. Progress, finally. But I saw a totally hateful McDonald's commercial not too long ago implying that girls only eat salads

Still, it was nice to be there, at least for a while.


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