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September 17, 2003
he's stealing my cirrhosis
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As it turns out, one can have too much garlic.

We went to Boston's tonight and the canister of granulated garlic was pretty full and, predictably, I shook some out anyway, and well, you know the rest. Now Ryan won't come within five feet of me and I can't stop burping. Who says I'm not sexy, huh?

Zac's been waking up at an ungodly hour for the past couple of days. I keep promising myself I'll get out and take a long walk somewhere in the morning or at least clean the apartment, but then he falls asleep after I drop Katie off and I end up joining him, like it or not. They say "sleep when your baby sleeps", but I'm sure by "baby", they didn't mean "toddler".

In the ear: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Sarah MacLachlan, especially Elsewhere

Meanwhile, the school situation with Katie just makes me increasingly angry. I want to pull her out, but don't really know how or when. The most likely alternative is home schooling, but the mere idea of it makes me dizzy; sometimes I can't even get her to pick toys up off the floor, so how will I make her sit down and study with me ALL DAY? I hate her school; I hate that everything they think I need to know about what she does all day is shoved into a folder.

Private school? Sure. I only need one kidney.

Eh. It sucks. We can try for Kamehameha again at 4th grade.


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