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October 27, 2003
it's gonna be a piece of cake, Bren
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We're probably going to pull Katie out of Lincoln. I'm not 100% sure yet; but there are still openings at this school. I visited on Friday, and it's really impressive. The fact that it's a charter school means she won't be stuck learning the alphabet anymore; she can read with kids who are at her level and then go learn math with another group who are just learning to add. I've heard good things about it from the people I've asked.

overheard at the chocolate exhibit at the Bishop Museum, after the lady doing the demonstration explained that most of the world's chocolate is produced in Africa, but as a group, Africans don't eat that much chocolate: "they don't need to; they're already chocolate"

I have a feeling this is the right thing to do, but sometimes I don't trust my own judgement. I thought about home schooling her, too, and I know that would have been a totally bad idea. What's to say that this isn't too? If I knew anything about what she was currently doing in school, I might have a better sense, but the only thing the silly little folder tells me is that there's a book fair next week.

Ryan wants to go on a cruise. Cruises are the vacation of choice among his coworkers. They all go on Cruises; the most popular one seems to be one that goes from Los Angeles to Alaska. We figured we could incorporate a cruise with a visit to my parents and head toward the Caribbean. We'll probably go in October. I can't wait; I haven't been on a vacation with Ryan since I brought him home to meet the folks eight years ago. I know I must be a drag to live with, though, because I keep thinking about what would happen if one of the kids gets sick. I'm always obsessed with the "what if", even when I'm supposed to be having a good time.

three things that changed my life, circa 1989; Sassy magazine, the Starfish album by the Church, and The Last Temptation of Christ

Finally saw Rashomon last week. Lots of manaical laughter and hysterical wailing. It's was good; just not in-the-top-100-on-the-imdb good. I kind of didn't get what the fuss was about.


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