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November 03, 2003
might as well cut off my limbs and mail them to Mother Russia
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It turns out Zac is allergic to shellfish.

Because one of our kids is always sick on Halloween, and because I had no idea that there is a certain percentage of real crabmeat in that fake stuff, I didn't peg it right away. But there I was, with a barfing baby on my lap, panicking, afraid of having to schlep him to the ER again, then spending the whole night awake with Zac, who is inconsolable because he can't breastfeed again, and watching Katie get sick too, again.

And there I was, an hour later, watching him kick a beach ball around the living room with Katie.

Crisis averted.

For now.

He's going to get sick again; it's inevitable. So is Katie. I am so terrified of it, though, that I actually sit around and think about it. I think about all the possible things that could make them sick. I'm thinking about never serving hamburger again because I saw a show about a kid who ate a medium-rare hamburger and almost died. I know it's not healthy to worry like this, but if I don't worry, then what?

But at least I didn't need to worry on Halloween. All went according to plan. Except the pumpkin. I wound up carving the pumpkin way too early and it looked kinda gross by Friday night. But the kids were adorable. Katie was Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Zac was a pirate. Helpful hint: don't wait til October 30 to purchase a costume. It's madness. Lucky they had the one pirate costume in his size or he would have had to be a poorly-dressed ballerina. We did the usual; trick-or-treating around my mother-in-law's neighborhood. It was a long drive; middle of rush hour. Mom had her supply of 50's and 60's happy music so it wasn't so bad.

Belle Katie is at a new school, as of next Monday. I had the quarterly conference with her teacher on Friday and am now positive she either doesn't care or is too young to get what it means to act like she does. I am also positive that some kids are maybe too special for the public school system as it exists. But at the same time, this process is moving along faster than I thought it would and it scares me. Still, I'm more comfortable with this than the prospect of keeping her where she is.


Hi Jen,

It's about 5am, and I had to get up for a little snacky poo. I've been reading and thinking about you, and want to get together for lunch soon. Yes, all I think about is fooood! Maybe next weekend? I'll call you.


Posted by: Beth at November 4, 2003 04:43 AM

watch out for the oldies, too ... you can always tell which ones have no memory of their own childhood.

congrats on your collective courage to take action, and good luck with the new school!

Posted by: Kreeesty at November 6, 2003 12:50 PM

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