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Gosford Park
Posted to Movies at 12:12 AM on Apr 29, 2003


There's this rich dude in 1920's England who throws a party. Back in those days...zzzz...huh? Oh, sorry. Must have nodded off. Back in those days, all people of stature had servants, and...zzzz...snort. The servants all hung around downstairs in their own kitchen while their bosses ate and partied.... Huh? Oh, I guess I'm just sleepy. Sorry.

Damn, this movie is so utterly boring. Everybody made such a huge deal that this movie was so great; it got such good reviews and it was advertised like Clue, only even more clever. It is so not. It is dull. Dull dull dull. So dull that there's a brief scene of two servants in flagrante delicto and that's not even interesting. When the murder victim buys the farm, you're more relieved than anything, because you're thinking, "okay, now it's only half an hour or so before they figure out who did it and then it's over". And Ryan Phillipe makes my head hurt.


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