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In the Bedroom
Posted to Movies at 12:16 AM on May 11, 2003

What a bunch of hooey.

Director Todd Field really wants to be Atom Egoyan when he grows up. This movie is just like The Sweet Hereafter. Except, you know, not good.

The plot is thus: College Boy falls for married hottie, Hottie's husband is an abusive psycho, Abusive Psycho commits unspeakable act, College Boy's parents figure out how to cope with the unspeakable act. I guess the most implausible part of this whole implausible movie is the end, which sort of tries to make us empathize with Abusive Psycho, which is impossible, since the last ninety minutes have been spent painting Abusive Psycho as someone who deserves what's coming to him. William Mapother, the actor who plays Abusive Psycho, has to have given the best performance in the whole film, because everything about him drips with sleaziness.

This film is really pretty. Like Hereafter, it's chock full of sweeping shots of the landscape. It's stunning to watch, but slightly more difficult to listen to.


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