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Amores Perros
Posted to Movies at 10:20 PM on Jul 18, 2003

Sort of like Pulp Fiction, but more violent and disturbing.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's got all the elements: three seemingly unrelated stories that come together in the end; a non-linear plot, and drugs and crime up the wazoo.

First of all, Gael Garcia Bernal is not cute. He looks like Bambi. But the kid can act. Then there are the dogs. Man, if you're like me and an animal lover in any capacity, parts of this film will freak you the fuck out. Consider that a warning.

Still, while I was cringing, I was thinking that I really was enjoying it. All the good things about Pulp Fiction are there, plus a really well-written common element in each of the stories. The characters are much more three-dimensional in this movie.


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