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Forever Summer With Nigella
Posted to Teevee at 11:21 PM on Jul 18, 2003

Nigella rocks.

You know the opening of From Martha's Kitchen when Martha daintily licks the cake frosting from her finger and looks all naughty? Nigella Lawson would never do that. Nigella would cut herself a piece of the cake and shove it in her mouth. Just like the rest of us.

She looks like a pre-Raphaelite heroine, talks like an English professor, and cooks like a madwoman. She is so passionate about her cooking that she carries a whisk in her purse just in case she should be caught without one. She loves food and doesn't care who knows it. And since she loves food, she looks like a real woman. As Ryan says, she's got back.

While she's cooking, she talks, and her journalism background is so apparent, because she can make you a luscious dessert, working furiously, and still say things like, "I take delight in every bee's existence," and refer to a dish as "voluptuously swelling." Pure food porn.

Forever Summer runs on the Style network.


I concur. Nigella does indeed rock. What is more, she bites, she licks, she pouts and, yes, she swells voluptuously. Gastroporn at its very finest!
Posted by Lucius at January 15, 2006 5:58 PM

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