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Kill Bill vol. 1 soundtrack
Posted to Music at 06:06 PM on Oct 21, 2003

The best thing about this soundtrack is that like the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction, it contains little snippets of dialogue from the movie that you won't want to play around your kid.

One of the standouts is the creepy "Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra, which plays over the opening credits in the movie. Now, whether this song is actually creepy or if it's only creepy because of the context with which is presented, I'm not sure, but it has the twangy guitar sound that complements the spaghetti western themes in the film.

There's a song by the RZA, who is the music supervisor for the film. He's a member of the Wu-Tang clan, so I would expect to hear better lyrics from him than: "O-Ren Ishii, Half-Chinese, Half Japanese-y". RZA can't add either, because he goes on to list O-Ren as half American. If you're keeping up, that's three halves. Oh well.

You know the cool flamenco-sounding song playing over the final fight scene? It seems to go on forever and sounds like a cool traditional Spanish guitar piece. Turns out the track is, like, ten minutes long and it's a cover of that old song "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". It's the wildest cover I've ever heard, I think. Another really cool piece is called "Battle Without Honor or Humanity". In the film, it plays over a very cool walking-in-slo-mo scene and it's got a great Led Zeppelin-esque rhythm. It's about two minutes longer than it needs to be, but still a highlight.


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