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Blue's Clues
Posted to Teevee at 05:10 PM on Feb 24, 2004

Blue has jumped the shark.

The show even has its own category on jumptheshark.com. I know what you're thinking: how old am I again? Well, I do have kids. I've always had an appreciation for Blue's Clues. Steve had a very special way of appearing completely earnest but not disturbingly so. He obviously has a very good sense of humor. Steve moved on to bigger and better things and was replaced by his younger brother, Joe (Donovan Patton).

Now, many people blame Joe for the decline in the quality of the show. I think Joe is just an victim of unfortunate timing. He came along at a time when the show's writers are trying to hang on to the audience they won in the very beginning. These kids are six to eight now and they're being wooed with a Blue who's a talking puppet and plotlines revolving around fairy tale princesses. They want to keep the kids who have always been there, when they should be trying to win over new generations of toddlers. Katie's six now; she's moved on to Spongebob.

Of course, the concern might be that there are a limited number of age-appropriate topics to teach. In that case, why even make more shows? Better to rerun an old episode a million times than crank out a new one just because you can. New isn't always better.


I have grow as my children have over the years with Steve and Blue. But now My Daughter who is now 5 has moved to spongebob. I'm 25 and a big kid my self. i have a 2 and a half yr son he would rather watch the old reruns of Steve and Blue then Watch the new of Joe and Blue. I agree just re run the old ones and can the new :)
Posted by Rhonda Wright at October 20, 2005 10:21 AM

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