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May 27, 2002
she's got a police bike
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Still no baby.

But I'm almost for sure this will be the last weekend before he gets here. It's so weird--I know he's coming, but it seems so far off, like something nearly unattainable and I'm just so impatient for it anyway.

Still no name for the baby.

But we'll probably go with Iain, because I'll be too doped up to come up with any good arguments for anything else.

Still no Led Zeppelin CD's back from my former co-worker, Jarrett.

But I finally ran into him! He borrowed my entire collection of Led Zeppelin but we both got laid off so I was wondering if I'd ever see them again. While we were buying the k-ster a new swimsuit at Sears yesterday, we saw him and as soon as he has a free weekend and a new son, we'll get him to drop by or something.

They took the Hawaiian music away at Macy's. It was so weird to walk into what used to be Liberty House and hear David Bowie's "Blue Jean" playing overhead instead of Iz or Cecilio & Kapono. Faceless corporate monolith. Feh.

In the ear: "Ka Lehua i Milia" (on mega-repeat) by Ku'uipo Kamakahi"
on the tube: nothing now, but last night, two episodes of L&O


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