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July 03, 2002
baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation
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The trouble with major life events is that living them affords you very little time to write about them.

I had a baby. It hurt. He is the cutest thing ever, though. His name is Zachary. I vowed not to decide on a name until I got a good look at him. He just looked like a Zac to me. Much more than he looked like a Dylan or Iain.

He was born on June 3; we went home on the 7th. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking into the door of our apartment with him. Our wonderful neighbor, Nicole, put a sign on our door that said “Welcome Home Zachary”. I couldn’t stop crying, which was embarrassing, because both my mother and Ryan’s mother were there and I hate it when I get emotional like that in front of either of them. I was so overwhelmed. I’d forgotten everything from [katie]’s babyhood. Little Zac, bless him, started sleeping 5 to 6 hours at a stretch almost immediately.

Hey, Christy, was that you I saw at church on Sunday the 30th?

The first week was really, really hard. Hormones make any situation seem ten times worse. One day, all four of us went to the grocery store and by the time we left, both kids were howling. (Kids. Jesus. Plural. I have kids.) We eventually decided to put Katie back in school temporarily. Kate is very, very helpful. Almost too helpful. And she is so proud of him. But I knew she needed way more attention than I could give her; she needs art time and pretend time and (most importantly) a nap.

When she is around, though, it's a nice reminder of how far we've come. There's Zac, who can't even quite hold up his head, and there's Kate, who is discovering charming phrases like "crybaby". Somehow, Katie started out like Zac and now she's this kid, with a real personality. I can't wait to see Zac at four.


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