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July 08, 2002
do shut up, Portia
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So far, everything about my experiences with my two kids is totally different. Katie was tiny and sick; Zac isn't. I totally coddled Kate, refusing to just let her cry for a minute while I finished the dishes or laundry; I do it with Zac, probably more than I should. I still don't feel well-prepared, though. I never did finish cleaning Katie's room; my mother-in-law did it, but there's still more to do. But the thing is, it will never get done.

For the first time, though, since she started again last month, Katie was actully happy to go to school. She picked out her clothes and left with a smile.

She is however, quite adept in defying me in all sorts of annoying little ways. Right now, at 9:30 p.m., she is still awake, pretending to be coming down with a cold.

Your memory and brain power seems to decrease with each child, though. I am officially a complete numbskull. I forget everything, doctor's appointments, phone numbers, people's names. We were supposed to meet with the deacon at my church about baptizing Zac, and we completely forgot

on the tube: Crossing Jordon. Don't know why. Except maybe Miguel Ferrer. I like him.


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