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August 01, 2002
with relish
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Greg might have taken a short hiatus, but he left his Top Five running, thank goodness. This month: top 5 ice cream flavors. Ironic, since I've been laying off the junk food and have managed to lose 12 pounds since Zac was born. Still have a ways to go yet, though.

1. Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk-I love "stuff" in my ice cream. This has it all. Walnuts, pecans (I love pecans, but you can't get 'em here like you can where I'm from), almonds and white chocolate chunks.

2. Ben & Jerry's Phish Food-Almost unbearably sweet. I can only eat three or four spoonfuls at a time, but I just can't stay away. It's the flavor created by the band Phish, and it's got marshmallow, caramel, and little teeny chocolate fish. I tried it when the corner store was out of NY Super Fudge.

3. good ol generic chocolate-any kine. I'm not picky.

4. Meadow Gold Haupia-my favorite dessert ever was haupia ice cream and strawberries at my in-laws' house.

5. Baskin-Robbins Strawberry Cheesecake-I OD'd on this stuff in Hilo

What else, what else? Had dinner with our friend Donica on Wednesday and then there was a gathering of people on the Local-L mailing list at the Willows tonight. I love the Willows.

on the tube: Food 911, Food network. Hey, did you know they came here? Tyler Florence was HERE. He can fix my meatloaf anytime. Conversely, Jamie Oliver has worked my last nerve.

We probably started taking Zac out in public way too early. We took him (well, really, we took Katie) to the aquarium when he was a week old. I was going so stir crazy. I never would have taken Katie out that soon. All the things that we do with Zac, all the risks we seemingly take, make me feel like I'm being careless. But he's healthy--he's had and gotten over his first cold already, and he's big, so it's okay, right? Or is it because he's a boy?

My dad made an offhand remark about maybe coming out here for Zac's surgery in October, but if they come out here then, I'm not sure I can make it over for the holidays. I was really hoping to go this year. But it would be nice to have him and my mom around. And they want to be here for when my brother moves over.


Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chip--it's the best :)

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed surfing by...

Have a good day!

Posted by: ~Mermaid~ at August 5, 2002 05:00 PM

It's cause he's the second child--and it's perfectly fine to take him out. :)

Posted by: ali at August 11, 2002 11:29 AM

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