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August 06, 2002
nobody steps on a church in my town
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My friend and neighbor, Nicole, came back from Washington the other day and we've been taking the kids (Zac and her daughter, Celeste) to the library and to the park. Zac is not the most patient kid when it comes to travel. I think he hates the Snugli. Part of it is his big head. It just kind of flops around everywhere. The other part, of course, is the parade of grungy strangers sticking their hands all over him. I carry him in the Snugli with a blanket over his head, which looks funny, but it's designed to a) protect him from the sun and b) discourage aforementioned grungy people from touching him.

new obsession: egullet. Somebody really cool on there said that Tony Bourdain, whose book I'm reading, is the Russell Crowe of chefdom.

It does a smashing job of keeping the sun away, but the grungy strangers can't stay away. That's something they should teach in kindergarten: share, wash your hands before you eat, and keep your hands off other peoples' babies.

on the tube: American Idol.

I so want to go back to school. Ryan jokes that I have to go back someday if for no other reason than I passed Organic Chemistry. As soon as we find a way, I'm going back. I have only three or four classes and some labs left. I'd really love to go back to UH Hilo. Especially now that they're expanding. There's a beautiful, enormous new office/classroom building that looks like it's about to open. Did I mention we went to Hilo the other weekend?

We did. It was just a day trip, planned on the fly. I'm so glad we went. We went to the volcano, of course, and the university. It did wonders for us.


Oh Jen! It would be great if you could come back!

And strangers touching babies? Blech! Why do people think that pregnant bellies and babies are somehow public property? I growled at a lady that came to close once--she was shocked but I felt, well, gratified. :)

Posted by: ali at August 11, 2002 11:24 AM

Just wanted to pop in and say: "Happy Birthday, Birthday Twin!"

I hope you're having a great one! Make Ryan take the kids far away so that you get some time with yourself!

Much love, luck and happiness in the upcoming year!

Posted by: Jolene at August 13, 2002 09:20 AM

Thanks, Jolene! You too, Birthday Twin!

Posted by: Jen at August 13, 2002 09:31 AM

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